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Crafts & Services


Welcome to the world of Firehouse One Ltd (Metal-Wood-Masonry).


With over 40 years experience, we pride ourselves in creating hand-crafted outdoor and indoor, crafted themed products and delivering quality services that include on-site construction and installation, for a wide range of metal, wood and masonry services.


From patio and conservatory furniture, ornate refurbished whiskey casks, to wrought ironwork designs, we offer a wide selection for you to choose from - all customised to create an eye-catching and valued addition to your property.

We do this by crafting metal, wood, and masonry, or a combination of these materials, to create bespoke designs that will enhance any outdoor or indoor space for your property, while giving you a distinctive product, unique to your design requirements.

Our Crafts & Services Include

 // Handmade furniture for interior and/or exterior use  // Complete wooden cask refurbishment - customised to customer specifications // Bespoke ornate metal designs // Custom-made craft designs using a variety of metal/wood/masonry // Much more... 

Contact us for a free consultation and written quotation. 

Firehouse One Ltd.

 High Quality Materials 

Bespoke &
Unique Designs

Competitive Prices

Precision Craftsmanship

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